Commercial Buildings


COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS IN CAMEROON. With the growing urbanization, particularly in major cities across Cameroon, the need for adequate commercial facilities has always caused a problem across cities as demand for commercial buildings have increased in recent times due to the development rate. There exists a higher demand for commercial buildings to be used as Banks, offices, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Sports Centers, Snacks, etc. Mostly built in Formats of an open space which can be transformed later during interior works to suit the use of the business or it can be modelled from scratch for the specific function. The intention is always to generate income so guidelines needs to be followed to be successful with commercial buildings. AT STAR DESIGN FIRM, WE HAVE ELABORATED THIS POINTS OUT TO GUIDE throughout the Planning process

∙Set A Budget.

∙Materials to be Used throughout the building process and finishing taste of the project.

∙Internal disposition of the structure

∙orientations to the cardinal points respect to the zone where the plot is situated

∙Number of floors

∙Number of independent office spaces per floor

∙Construction time

∙Speed of occupying the offices

∙Operating costs

∙Total cost of offices

Going through the planning stage requires tactical calculations as all the above points are important in making your construction a success. Our Qualified team will help you schedule your budget and advice you on where to build within a given budget and speed of construction that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Commercial building are long term investments and anyone going in for it must consider future changes to stay relevant in the long run.