We come up with a Life Cycle and Sustainability Analysis to help our clients understand the building's operation costs and any conditions that can impact the building through its useful life including a full equipment investigation.

The building evaluation processs is critical to the success of any project , but perhaps more importantly a thorough assessment can lead to cost savings for owners and their tenants long after the project has been completed.

Building evaluation typically includes

.Completing the existing building's municipal code violations report
.Reveiwing existing vertical transportation
.Reviewing maintenace records

.Checking power availability to ermergency systems
.Investigating for hazadious conditions and materials
.Evaluating safety and enviromental safety-related items
.Checking ernergy efficiencym utilities and accessibility
.Assessing milwork and interior finishes
.Investigating moisture protection components, waterproofing systemsm and fireproofing
.Evaluating the landscape irrigation systems exterior facade and roof conditions