So many people HAVE been scammed in the process of acquiring a parcel of land somewhere because of either lack of procedural norms or ignorance. In the few words that follow, I will give certain guidelines to obtain a land certificate of course in Cameroon. Stages
- 4 certified copies of national ID card
- Applicants must be 40 and above
- 4 Application forms (available at the printing press)
- Payment order signed by the divisional chief of land tenure.
- A land revenue receipt signed by the land revenue collector of the division
- A site plan (optional)
- 4 copies of acknowledgement receipts
- File is now forwarded to the Divisional chief of land tenure to prepare a sub prefectural decision. He prepares the attestation of public notice.
- The sub prefectural decision is signed by the D.O.
- A site board commission fee is paid depending on the D.O in the sub division.
- The site members include the D.O who is chairman, divisional chief of land tenure, divisional chief of survey, divisional chief of town planning, the sub delegate for agriculture, the chief and his two notables.
- An invitation is prepared for board members to meet on the date to plant the pillars.
- A cadastral survey report and an administrative report is serves to the applicant.
- At the land tenure office, the file is published in a gazette for 30 days awaiting opposition.
- the file is then taken to the survey office then forwarded to the land tenure office and the land registrar is the one who issues the final land certificate.
NB. In case a land certificate is issued and you wish to challenge it, you write to the minister of land tenure.
For more details, contact Decree No. 76/165 of 27 April 1976 to establish the conditions for obtaining land certificates