To obtain a Building permit, you have to get in touch with the Council of your local municipal office of the area where the land is located.
Why require a building permit ...Anyone is free to use his land, but this freedom is restricted because of the consequences brought by buildings or extensions on neighboring buildings, the environment, interest natural or built landscapes and developments planned by the municipality. Thus the right to use the ground is limited by the Land Use Plan (POS) or failing that, by the general rules of land use
• The Building Permit is an administrative act authorizing construction after checking its compliance with the rules of art and planning rules.
• Anyone who wishes to undertake a construction, even if it does not have a foundation, must first obtain a Building Permit issued by the Mayor of the Municipality concerned.
• The building permit is also required for work performed on existing buildings when they have the effect of changing its destination, change their appearance or volume, or create additional levels.

1. Photocopy of ID CARD of Applicant
2. Land Ownership Documents (Land Titles, Deeds, Land Transfers, etc….)
3. Building Permit Site Plan with Visa of Surveys department
4. Town Planning Certificate from the Council concerned
5. Building Plans with VISAS (GF+1…...Eng./Architect as deemed)
6. Building Permit Form from the council concerned
7. Hygiene and Sanitation Tax
8. Authorization to pain white or any other color as required by the municipality.
Submit the completed application form along with the documents in the Mayor's office

The construction of a building without a permit to construct or implement is a violation of town planning rules. In this case, the mayor can stop the site. the mayor is responsible, under the control of state representative, the municipal police and the performance of state acts are related. The municipal police aimed to ensure the good order, safety, tranquility, security and public safety, the Mayor is responsible for the demolition of buildings constructed without a permit to build and implement.
Note: The lack of a building permit does not automatically imply the destruction of the building.
• The first solution is the payment of a fine
• The destruction of the building may be done if it does not comply with planning regulations in force (hygiene and safety, setbacks easements)The Mayor can appeal to the competent court:
• The rehabilitation of places and the cessation of the abuse (Destruction).
• The execution of work and development work.
• The payment of the fine.