Residential Villa


You want to build a family house, but do not know yet how and what to look for before you start the actual building plans? AT STAR DESIGN FIRM, We have put together the most important points in the form of a checklist.

Number of family members to live in the house

How big your plot is if you already own one?

Present and future use of the house

Your budget or source of income which will determine the type of finishing which will be used for the project. Some commercial banks provide some housing-related finance in the way of mortgage loans.

A family house ranges from 2 to 3 bedrooms for small families and 4 to 5 bedrooms for bigger families. IN some cases, we can have up to 6 bedrooms. It usually comprises of Verandas, a Sitting Room, A kitchen, Dining, toilet facilities, bedrooms and parking Spaces. Fencing your house is also advisable for security and privacy.

*** client’s specific requirements may include A Private Parlor, Dressing section in all the bedrooms, a laundry room, a bar, A Boucareaux in the yard for outdoor living, Garden etc. for their

extra taste.

This residential Villa is located in built in most parts of Cameroon because it is affordable and mostly occupies a surface area ranging from 130m2 to 200m2. Pricing will depend on specific project and client’s specific requirements. Contact us to get an estimated cost of realizing your project.

NOTE: Ventilation is a very important aspect to watch out for when thinking of your dream home. At Star Design Firm we always emphasize on the need of a well ventilated simple elegant home.